Diagnostics A to Zed

On this page, you will be able to learn all the information I can think of regarding The Gadgetman Groove modification.

Open for the general public to view and to learn by, it is designed for those who are attempting to master The Gadgetman Groove modification process, for “Process” it is!

Remember, there has been more than a hundred years of engineers working on engine design and thousands upon thousands of design changes, based on inefficient use of gasoline. In fact, many design concepts in the modern engine actually serve to reduce engine efficiency. So, there are many, MANY things to be considered as we learn to overcome the engineering that is forcing us to consume vastly more fuel than is necessary to get the job done.

If you have a particular concern or troubleshooting issue, email me at Gadgetman@GadgetmanGroove.com and I will see about developing a post for your particular need.

Here are the tutorials in the order you will need to follow them: (updated as the posts are completed)

Post 1-Understanding the Basics

Here we discuss basic operations of a gasoline engine with a heavy focus on the flow of air through the system for it is the aerodynamics that allow for The Gadgetman Groove to provide the conditions we need to effect great improvements in fuel efficiency.

Post 2-Understanding the Basics

Learn about what The Gadgetman Groove is, and what effects it has on the air flow as well as the fuel and the enhancements in combustion efficiency.

Post 3-Stage One Diagnostics

There is nothing more vital to the success of your modification than the state of your intake system. As there are some basics you need to be familiar with we discuss the intake system and begin lessons on leaks and how to find them.

Post 4- Check Your Work

No matter how perfect you THINK your work is, here’s what a REAL Gadgetman does to make sure he has left no mistakes behind him. From checking your Groove to making gaskets, it is ALL important, every step of the way.

Post 5-Lac and Vacuum

In every motor oil and motor fuel there is a compound known as ‘Lac’, which is the foundation for Lacquer. We all know what Lacquer does for wood and the like, but what does it do to your ENGINE?

Post 6-Hidden Weaknesses

All things made by man are subject to decay. What things in the engine that cause decreases in engine efficiency should we be most concerned with? You may be surprised!!!

Post 7-Diagnosing Error Codes

Error Codes or DTC’s are used to bilk people out of billions of dollars in unnecessary repairs every year. With The Gadgetman Groove, this is even more prominent. Understand what the codes REALLY mean!

Post 8-Sensors and their role in Fuel Management

The modern engine control systems are the most complex in history. Understand the sensors, how they work, how they are used to control fuel delivery and how to use your knowledge to improve YOUR fuel economy!