Understanding and Improving Gasoline Engines

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By the name of this page (Diagnostics.GadgetmanGroove.com) you might think that this page only deals with troubleshooting an installation of The Gadgetman Groove, but you would be dead WRONG!

On these pages I do indeed deal with that, but the thing that happened was I wound up discovering many aspects of service that would be of tremendous value if they were applied to virtually every gasoline engine in the world!

So, as you read, get ready for a lesson in engines. From understanding the Basics of Engine operations in Post 1 to gaining fuel economy by regapping your spark plugs in Post 9, there are a host of things you can do to up the ante for your engine as far as fuel efficiency and economy are concerned. You’ll even find more power as the result of your application of the technology we discuss.

Don’t be bothered by the mention of The Gadgetman Groove or of mentions of Wave-Form Technology. They are mentioned here because there is nothing you can do to an engine-at any cost-that will do more for your combustion profile, your emissions, your ECONOMY, and your power.

Any of our Certified Gadgetmen can help you with these, or you can do them yourself if you’ve a mind to, the articles I present are designed for people of every skill level.

Most mechanics are so much like doctors that they’ll probably scream bloody MURDER if you share the information here with them (such is the way of the arrogant) but the old-timers will tell you that what is here will definitely help. That is, those who have already from the school of hard knocks and want to do the best they can by folks!

This is part of the instruction we provide for all our Gadgetmen, so if you find yourself thinking “What IS this “Groove Thing”? then I encourage you to pop over to www.GadgetmanGroove.com and ask Tracy about our Personal License Program. That is our way of offering the knowledge of engines, as well as a new science, by teaching others what we have learned.

I won’t go into that here, because you’ve already been the subject of far too many marketing attempts today and I want you to get on with your learning!

If you have a particular concern or troubleshooting issue, email me at Gadgetman@GadgetmanGroove.com and I will see about developing a post for your particular need. I’ve been wrenching for over 40 years and there isn’t mush that baffles me.

Here are the tutorials in the order you will need to follow them: (updated as the posts are completed)

Post 1-Basic Flows within a Gasoline Engine

Here we discuss basic operations of a gasoline engine with a heavy focus on the flow of air through the system for it is the aerodynamics that allow for The Gadgetman Groove to provide the conditions we need to effect great improvements in fuel efficiency.

Post 2-Intake Flows and Wave-Form Technology

Learn about what The Gadgetman Groove is, and what effects it has on the air flow as well as the fuel and the enhancements in combustion efficiency.

Post 3-Improving the Vacuum System

There is nothing more vital to the success of your modification than the state of your intake system. As there are some basics you need to be familiar with we discuss the intake system and begin lessons on leaks and how to find them.

Post 4- An Average Installation

No matter what you may be thinking, I have learned after a few thousand installs that there’s some things that make the installation much more successful. Before you begin with the Installation Process, this article is a MUST-READ!

Post 5-Varnish and Vacuum

In every motor oil and motor fuel there is a compound known as ‘Lac’, which is the foundation for Lacquer. We all know what Lacquer does for wood and the like, but what does it do to your ENGINE?

Post 6-Hidden Weaknesses

All things made by man are subject to decay. What things in the engine that cause decreases in engine efficiency should we be most concerned with? You may be surprised!!!

Post 7-Diagnosing Error Code

Error Codes or DTC’s are used to bilk people out of billions of dollars in unnecessary repairs every year. With The Gadgetman Groove, this is even more prominent. Understand what the codes REALLY mean!

Post 8-The Role of Sensors in Fuel Economy

The modern engine control systems are the most complex in history. Understand the sensors, how they work, how they are used to control fuel delivery and how to use your knowledge to improve YOUR fuel economy!

Post 9-Adjusting your Spark for Maximum Efficiency

Ignition Systems are a location for a tremendous amount of lost power. Follow this simple procedure and increase your fuel economy, power, emissions and everything else about your ride!

4 Responses to Understanding and Improving Gasoline Engines

  1. crazydog-wuf says:

    Question; I own a Dodge Ram 1500 model 2015 Laramie Longhorn 5.7L. (Europe export version)
    1st, no matter what I do the consumption stays the same.
    2nd, I capped the connection to the throttle-body from the PCV valve and connected the open end to the air intake hose between the sensor and the throttle-body. The other end from the throttle-body to the PCV valve I did not touch. After 500 miles I had water in the oil. After restoring original connection no water in the oil. What is the reason?
    Regarding no change in fuel efficiency I need to do more studies on your new page. But, you have any hints or suggestions for this specific model?
    Thank you!
    Regards Kim

    • Gadgetman says:

      There are many ways these engines may be denied mileage increases through the activity of the ECU and the various sub-systems.

      For proper diagnostics, we should chat via email or Skype. Use Gadgetman @ GadgetmanGroove .com and we’ll start there!

      Ron Hatton

    • Gadgetman says:

      Contact me directly at Gadgetman@ Gadgetman Groove .com and I’lldo my best to help you!

      aka Gadgetman

  2. Gadgetman says:

    Contact me via my email at Gadgetman @ Gadgetman Groove. com.